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Acoustic Room Tuning OMNI's Studios

So today we took a bunch of recording studio acoustic tuning equipment over to Omni's Studio over in Burbank CA. Essentially what they were seeking was a better way of hearing their mains. Their mains were custom built and man can they really tow the line. You can literally feel the air hit you in the face when you crank those bad boys up. It's like having a microscope of all the frequencies on your mix. They wanted us to consult with them so we brought over a small diaphram omni directional microphone and placed it in the listening position. We then used Fuzz Measure room tuning software and it helped correct a lot of the problem frequencies. There were a lot of odd anomolies but that's what you hire an acoustician for. They had a series of crown amplifiers and Bryston Amplifiers. We found using a 3s hold on pink noise worked the best. We tried doing the frequency sine sweep of the room and we got it WAY better than when it started but it sounded kind of flat... we needed a little bit more low end to make it make sense.

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