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Recording Studio Design

Bradley Murphree - CEO / CTO

With over a decade of technology systems integration experience, Brad has had the pleasure of leading the success of client services, strategy, operations, product development, and the firm’s vision. He has engineered and managed over 100 high-profile systems integrations for companies such as Dolby, Netflix, Spotify, DirecTV, NBCUniversal, Bunim/Murray, and Univision. 

Brad leads the Engineering & Implementation Services teams and takes an active role in all collaborations, including directing, coordinating and integration efforts.

Brad is a veteran of the US Army Signal Corps, has held a chair on the executive committee for the Audio Engineering Society, and is the recipient of two gold records and two Grammy nominations.

What began nearly 8 years ago Bradley running a design engineering company out of his garage has grown organically to a large team of diverse problem solvers and go-getters. We bring a proven track record of completing projects on time and leaving customers happy. We have never missed an on air date and we don't plan to start now. We have designed technical facilities, everything from Home Recording Studios and theaters to mega multi-million dollar facilities for some of the most heavy hitting clients. We are the team that Dolby and Netflix called when they wanted us to design their facility.

We always operate on a simple philosophy that Un-Happy Clients are not a sustainable business plan.


Every project is unique and what we love is a good challenge and the opportunity to impress you with our level of expertise and professionalism. Bringing value to our clients through our expertise allows us to manifest our greatness which is sexy technical facility design and allows us to live this amazing life where we get to work on different projects and challenges all the time.  

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